Saturday, July 23, 2016

'Crooked Hillary and Corrupt Kaine': Trump slams Cinton's VP pick and insists the pair have BOTH contributed to America's 'rigged system'

Clearly Crooked Hillary takes comfort in selecting a VP choice that is every bit as sleazy as she is.
Daily Mail reports Donald Trump has slammed Hillary Clinton's selection of Tim Kaine has her vice president - insisting voters would be choosing a corrupt pair for the White House.

The Republican nominee rebranded the Democratic ticket as 'Crooked Hillary' and 'Corrupt Kaine' and insisted it was more evidence that Obama would have a third term. 
Just 24 hours after his acceptance speech at the GOP convention, he added that the pair want us to believed in a 'rigged system that enriches them at your expense'.  

He first bashed Hillary's choice of the Virginia Senator in a text message to supporters, while urging them to give his campaign more money. 
Tim Kaine is Hillary's VP pick. The ultimate insiders - Obama, Hillary, and Kaine. Don't let Obama have a 3rd Term. Contribute,' he said.

Trump spokesman Jason Miller said in a statement: 'It's only fitting that Hillary Clinton would select an ethically challenged insider like Tim Kaine who's personally benefited from the rigged system. 
'While serving in government, Kaine has taken tens of thousands of dollars in freebies - more than $160,000 in fact - on free vacations, free clothes, and free tickets.
'If you think Crooked Hillary and Corrupt Kaine are going to change anything in Washington, it's just the opposite.

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