Saturday, July 2, 2016

Gun Control?: Chicago police prepare for holiday weekend after 72 murders in June, murder by gun up 50% over last year

The biggest reason why gun crime is out of control in Barack Obama’s hometown is political correctness.  The Libs who’ve run that city for decades refuse to get illegal guns off the street because they are overwhelming owed by Blacks and Latinos.  So it becomes racist to send the police into minority neighborhood where the gun violence occurs by people who illegally have the guns.  This is the madness the Liberal mindset brings and people are getting shot and dying because of it.  Chicago is the ultimate proof that tough gun control doesn’t work in keeping people safe.    

ABC 7Chicago reports Chicago police say they are increasing the number of officers on foot and bike patrol and more officers working overtime will concentrate on hot spots this holiday weekend.

Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson says he is using every tool he has this Independence Day weekend.

"CPD will not tolerate violent behavior and if you choose to put others in danger for your own actions, you will feel the full weight of CPD and our partners in law enforcement," Johnson said.

At a press conference Friday morning, Supt. Johnson, state troopers, Cook County Sheriff's deputies and emergency management officials outlined a battle plan.
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Chicago PD is handcuffed.  They cannot do their job because of the progressive idiots who run that town.  

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