Monday, July 4, 2016

Iran warns 100,000 missiles ready to strike Israel, courtesy of Obama’s nuke deal

With 150 billion in their packets thanks to President Barack Obama’s horrible nuclear deal, Iran is setting their sites on Israel. 
Here’s the question.  Does the United States defend Israel from an Iranian attack, or does it defend Iran from Israel?  With Obama as president the issue is up in the air.  

JerusalemPost reports according to Hossein Salami, deputy commander of the IRGC, "the opportunity to destroy Israel is now better than ever."

President Hassan Rouhani said the last year’s nuclear deal “was the cheapest way to achieve Iran’s goals and interests.”

Speaking in Tehran on Saturday at an iftar meal breaking the Ramadan fast, Rouhani said the pre-Iran nuclear-deal era is past and Iran now needs to take advantage of the new atmosphere to pursue its “national interests more than before,” Iran’s Islamic Republic News Agency reported.

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  1. Defending Israel is not any business of the US government or responsibility of the American tax payer. We need to bring all our troops home, close our borders and start mass deportations, especially of anyone who claims dual citizenship.

    Let the Middle Eastern nations burn with the matches they have lit.


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