Monday, July 4, 2016

Islamic Propaganda Attack: Man tackled in Iowa Horsewood's Restaurant after standing on a bar and yelling 'Allah is the only one true god'

I don’t think this is a case of a guy being drunk. 
The enemy is a very slick customer and all could be a ruse to put people off guard.  This happened inm the heartland of America, Iowa.  I think that’s very significant and worth paying attention to. 

Daily Mail reports a 21-year-old man caused panic at an Iowa restaurant when he jumped up on the bar, yelled at everyone to be quiet and then yelled: 'Allah is the only one true god'. 

Patrons at the Horsewood's Restaurant in Caldwell immediately fled the room on Friday night, running through every door as they left their purses on the chairs and cell phones on the table. 

They thought there might be a bomb in his backpack. There were rumors he had a gun. 
But Ralmanzow Bell wasn't declaring a terrorist attack. He was merely drunk, said authorities. 

Police were on the scene within two minutes, but the bartenders already had Bell under control. 

Christopher Ozuna ripped Bell's backpack off and immediately began to run.

'All this is going on real fast and I'm just trying to get him away,' Ozuna told KTVB
Ozuna ran into a nearby alley with the backpack, scared something might be inside. 
'Everybody is telling me throw the bag, don't carry it,' he told KIVI

'But, you know, I'm trying to get it as far away as I possibly can. You know, better me than a hundred people.' 

Staff members tackled Bell to the ground and held him until police arrived.
'Instincts kicked in that this may be a terrorism attack,' owner Aaron Horsewood told KTVB. 'Whether it was legitimate or not, that's how you view it at the moment.'  

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