Monday, July 4, 2016

Libs in a Barrel: LBGTs bulled by Black Lives Matter at Gay Pride Toronto for not being black enough to Black Queers

It’s so comical when Liberal groups go after each other.
Toronto Star reports Black Lives Matter brought Sunday’s Pride parade to a standstill on Sunday to force the annual celebration of LGBT equality to answer for its “anti-blackness,” the protesters said. 

The group, an honoured guest at this year’s parade, stopped its float and marchers at Yonge and College Sts. for more than 30 minutes, refusing to move until Pride officials met their demands. 

“We are under attack,” Alexandria Williams, one of the group’s co-founders cried into the megaphone. “Pride Toronto, we are calling you out! For your anti-blackness, your anti-indigeneity,” she said. 

After the rainbow-coloured cloud cleared from smoke bombs set off in the intersection, some paradegoers joined in the chants of “black lives, they matter here!” while others shouted for the protest to move on.
The group staged the shutdown to call attention to marginalized groups’ experiences at Pride, organizers said. 

“Folks are forgetting that we haven’t all made it to the point of queer liberation. That not all communities who participate in Pride are actually able to be free in that celebration,” said Williams ahead of the parade.

Among their demands, the group asked Pride to increase funding and support for Black Queer Youth events and Blockorama, the Pride showcase for black performers; reinstate the South Asian stage; hire more black deaf and ASL interpreters; hire more black trans women, indigenous people, and others from vulnerable communities; and remove police floats from future parades.

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