Saturday, July 9, 2016

Police involved shootings in Louisiana and Minnesota fall right into Democrat playbook for Elections

Believe me when I tell you Democrat politicians from Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, down to your local representative are doing high fives and back flips over what’s fallen in their laps. 
Stoking racial tensions and being anti-Cop has been part of the Democrat playbook to win votes for decades. 

If you look back in history there’s always some incident Democrats are quick to label as a racial injustice from a White Cop shooting a Black man to a Black man being dragged to his death by a pickup truck.  It doesn’t matter what the truth of an incident actually is.  Democrats invent a storyline such as in the case of Michael Brown of “Hands Up Don’t Shoot”, which never happened as shown by a court of law.  That doesn’t matter.  All that’s important to Democrats is the mythology they can sell to the minority community and that is what is believed even after initial reports of a so-called racist incident are proven false. 

It’s Democrats politics 101!