Wednesday, July 20, 2016

UPDATE Ted Cruz commits political suicide if he doesn’t endorse Trump tonight - Ted just killed himself

If Ted Cruz thinks he can give a speech at the 2016 RNC without giving Trump a full throated endorsement, he isn’t as smart as everybody thinks.  It would show that he’s a man without honor who doesn’t keep his word. 

He took a pledge to endorse the eventual GOP nominee and tonight is the night for him to pay up. 

So what is Ted Cruz?  Is he honorable or not?  Tonight will tell the story.  


Ted Cruz is a dirt bag!  His word doesn't mean a thing and he will NEVER get the GOP nod in his life!  The best he can do is remain a senator or possibly governor of Texas.  But, president that's gone to him forever!  


  1. Here's a clue to the clueless. If you want a guy's support, don't give him the moniker of "lyin Ted." Oh, a free extra tip. If you want a guy's supporters to support your candidate? Don't call their guy a dirt bag. Sorry this is all probably news to you little man. But somebody had to say it.

    1. Marty

      Let me give you a clue. If a guy can't stand the heat of politics then don't become a politician. It's a nasty busninees and if one doesn't have the stomach for it if bad things are said about family memebers, don't get in the game!

    2. Hate to tell you, dude, but, if you go up on Instapundit (a very pro-Cruz place) and look at the "Cruz knew what he was doing" post, you will be stunned by how many people who liked the guy are renouncing him.

      Any support he had has been destroyed. And Cruz gave as good as he got - New York values, delegate poaching, etc.

      Politics, as they say is a contact sport, but party politics is a team sport. Even Paul Ryan tried to smooth things out this week, but Ted shot himself but good.

      And you will find very few good words on the Internet for him, even in places that loved him yesterday, for what he did.

  2. This morning, there is almost no sympathy for Cruz. I was astounded at the universality of the disapproval.

  3. Well, I guess that the Lyin Ted thing kind of stuck didn't it? Also, Cruz's super PAC first insulted Trump's wife before Trump countered with the picture of Cruz's wife. There was plenty of dirty tactics on both sides. Whatever Trump called Ted, he got it back from Cruz. That's politics and neither of them are Reagan.


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