Thursday, July 7, 2016

Trump Train gearing up to crush Criminal Hillary: TT takes in $51 million, takes potential VP's

There’s a wave of outrage throughout the country at the injustice Criminal Hillary was allowed to break the law without penalty. 
The voters will have final say about that. 

AP reports celebrating new success in fundraising, Donald Trump says he took in $51 million for his campaign and allied Republicans in recent weeks, a huge jump from his previously lackluster figures though still well shy of Hillary Clinton's money machine.

Trump also appeared to be moving closer to choosing a vice presidential running mate Wednesday, though two senators who had been under consideration said, "No, thanks."
Trump celebrated his campaign fundraising even before announcing it, tweeting Tuesday night: "Raised a lot of money for the Republican Party. There will be a big gasp when the figures are announced in the morning. Lots of support! Win."

Gasps or not, the total was a big improvement from May.

Trump's campaign said it raised $26 million online in June, a small portion of which will go to the Republican National Committee, as agreed to previously. Additionally, Trump and the RNC raised $25 million during 22 events in June and the final week of May, the campaign release said.

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