Thursday, July 14, 2016

UPDATE: Purdue Now Says It WILL NOT Expel Student Who Criticized Black Lives Matter...

I guess Purdue rethought the idea about a totalitarian campus.  Still, it’s outrageous they even considered it.

Heat Street reports Purdue University this afternoon has issued a statement in the case of a student allegedly threatened with expulsion — and definitely the recipient of death threats — for criticizing Black Lives Matter on Facebook.

Joshua Nash, a biology major who is gay and refers to himself as a “dangerous faggot” in his Twitter bio (a reference to conservative commentator Milo Yiannopoulos) was summoned to a mandatory “Administrative Meeting” after a student reported a posting of his made on Facebook. According to Nash, the Facebook posting was to the effect that “Black Lives Matter is trash because they do not really care about black lives. They simply care about making money and disrupting events for dead people.”

Nash says that when he called the university administration for clarification about this hearing, he was told he could face consequences for his posting up to and including expulsion.

Today, after widespread media attention to the issueincluding from Heat Street and The Drudge Report — the university is reaffirming its commitment to free speech and saying that the school merely wants to engage in “dialogue” with the student and offer him “support.”

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