Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Beware of strange Chicks on Dating Sites: Fla. dad Adam Hilarie killed after woman from dating site sets him up robbery and death

I think you take a big chance when you use dating sites to get dates.  This guy learned that lesson the hard way. 

NY Daily News reports a 27-year-old Florida dad was fatally shot after a woman he met on a dating website set him up to be robbed.

Adam Hilarie of Auburndale went on a date Thursday with 18-year-old Hailey Bustos after the two met on the dating site PlentyOfFish.

Hilarie and Bustos went bowling, according to the Orlando Sentinel, and then he brought her back to his apartment. They decided to go on a second date, but she returned the next evening with three other men to steal TVs, an Xbox and an iPhone, according to the newspaper. Hilarie was shot in the head, cops said.

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