Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Black Lies Matter the Video: Black Lives Matter? To Whom? Not BLM. - Why Black Lives Matter are AGITPROP paid by Soros

This post is dedicated to the hardworking men and woman who serve as police officers all across America.

Black Lives Matter is an exploitation group heavily funded by rich Liberals to distort, deceive and hijack the political conversation away from the real problems that plague the Black community.  Liberals aren’t interested in solving problems.  They want to perpetuate them to maintain power and point the fingers of blame on others who are not causing  the trouble.     

The powerful video was produced by Level Nine Media and is being presented to The Last Tradition’s readership for the purposes of education and political commentary.  Music by Stephen from the song Cross Fire  

According to Level Nine Media : Why Black Lives Matter are AGITPROP paid by Soros to foment hate and murder police officers. Black lives matter is agitprop right out of the Frankfurt school, and they are doing a bang-up job with it too.