Sunday, August 28, 2016

Bus full of Louisiana flood volunteers with unlicensed illegal immigrant driver at the helm slams into fire truck attending previous highway crash - killing two and injuring 41

The guy driving the bus has no business being in the country illegally. 
And because of him two people are dead and many more are injured. 

Daily Mail reports a charter bus full of Louisiana flood volunteers slammed into a fire truck Sunday morning in a terrifying crash that left 41 people injured and two left dead.

The crash happened near Laplace when the seemingly out-of-control bus raced down the Interstate 10, striking a parked fire engine that was attending to a previous crash and knocking three firefighters over a guardrail, killing one.

The driver, Denis Yasmir Amaya Rodriguez, was in the country illegally and was not licensed to be behind the wheel, police told NY Daily News.

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