Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Democrats in complete PANIC! : Media Horrified To Talk Crooked Hillary’s Health

Let’s have a comparison of the health of both candidates. 
Trump, who is older than Hillary, is like the energizer bunny, full of energy and in no way appears to be in faulty health.  Hillary, on the other hand, can’t make it up a flight of stairs without assistance, she’s fallen multiple times on the champagne trail, has had multiple coughing fits in public, has a doctor constantly at her side to give her a shot whenever she goes into a seizure.  Let’s have this conversation!      

Mediaite reports an eagle-eyed viewer sent me this amusing tip this morning: these are two CNN chyrons, literally less than a minute apart.

Alright, so raising questions about Hillary Clinton‘s health is terrible and those claims are “debunked.” However, raising questions about Donald Trump‘s health is just good-old fashioned “scrutiny”?

I should interject here and say, no, I don’t actually believe the Trump campaign’s bizarre claim that Hillary Clinton is secretly brain-damaged, or Matt Drudge‘s not-terribly-subtle insistence that she’s hiding some sort of illness. But it seems to me that Clinton health trutherism and Trump health trutherism are two sides of the same coin, but only one is being treated as off-limits.

I also don’t believe questions about Clinton and Trump’s health ought to be off-limits necessarily. As The New York Times pointed out this week, both have fallen far short of the usual medical disclosures made by presidential candidates. John McCain, for example, opened up his entire thousand-page medical history to reporters to pore over. Trump and Clinton only released short letters from their personal physicians saying they were in good health in 2015, and neither have provided regular health updates throughout a vigorous campaign as Mitt Romney and Ronald Reagan did.

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