Sunday, August 14, 2016

George Will, useful idiot for Crooked Hillary, explains away Clinton Foundation scandal as something that Liberals do

Proving my point that the value of conservative intellectuals are not worth more than a lump of shit,
George Will when asked this morning on Fox News Sunday whether or not how the Clinton Foundation was used as a pay to play vehicle granting favors to wealthy individuals who gave large donations to the Clinton Foundation is a problem for Hillary?  His answer was basically to say Liberals don’t see the difference between public and private activity because they feel government needs to be involved in everything. 

That’s all he said!

This is what we get from the so-called smartest among us.  He didn’t call any of it a conflict of interest; he didn’t say it was highly unethical and most likely illegal.  So what is George Will’s value to the debate?  I don’t see any in him or any other conservative intellectual like Ben Shapiro and other elites.  They’re line of thought doesn’t go beyond a certain boundary or intellectual group think.  They will never align themselves with the thinking of the ordinary conservative with common sense, because then they would no longer be special or seen as intellectual.  They want to stay in the intellectual club, Liberal or Conservative, they’re both the same.  They want to keep on being invited to the same Washington parties and impress each other.  But, are their opinions worth anything?  They’re worth nothing!        


  1. "useful idiot for Crooked Hillary"? I saw the same interview. I'll watch it again,but I did not get the impression that he was trying to excuse or justify the behavior so much as explain the liberal mindset for their acceptance of it.
    In the same interview he said of Hillary:
    "Hillary...has a certain versatility of conviction".

    Not a Hillary apologist. Not an idiot.

    1. Proof

      If the Clinton Foundation is nothing but a slush fund for the Clintons, a vehicle where they can sell govt access for big bucks and it's extremely unethical for public officials to do that, I got none of that sntimate from G.Will. He just like to make oethy observations and doesn't call Hillary a crook forcefully. His opposition to Trump makes him a useful idiot for Hillary. Look, the guy brings nothing to the table and he should just retire and go away. If he's not part of the solution, he's part of the problem.

    2. I watched it again. Wallace asked him if Obama was giving her a pass and if her co-mingling Foundation & State Dept business would hurt her in the fall.

      He said that if the media didn't take up the cause, it wouldn't.

      George Will doesn't say many things forcefully. That does not make him an "idiot".

      Full disclosure: I have watched Will for many years, opposite Sam Donaldson. Sam would make many outrageous statements that I wish Will would have challenged him on more forcefully. Still doesn't make him an idiot.

    3. Proof

      I love you buddy, but I think you're getting way hung up on the term "idiot" taking it out of context that I called him a "useful idiot" which dates to what was said by Communists Russians about pawns they used to sell their Communist vision into practice. Will is not above doing some name calling himself like to referring to Republicans who support Trump Vuschi Republicans. I'm not saying he's a moron. What I'm saying is he's gutless and content to stay in the PC lane with the other conservative intellectuals. I have no need for that and the country is not well served by people like that. Will is the type of guy who would have stayed in England and find some cute way to knock the King, but stay in the country not having the guts to leave.


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