Saturday, August 20, 2016

It’s time for the Black community to reach for political maturity under Trump, and reject perpetual infancy under Democrats.

I am a person of color, a Latino, born and raised in New York, a bastion of Liberalism. 
Growing up somebody told me I was supposed to be a Democrat.  My response was:

“Why?  Why do have to be something because I’m Black or Puerto Rican?  Let me think about it.  Let me listen to what the Democrat has to say (Jimmy Carter).  Let me listen to what the Republican has to say (Ronald Reagan).   Let me match them up side by side and see which has a better plan.  Let me use the mind God gave me to make a decision for me, and not let somebody else dictate what I’m supposed to be.

That is called freedom! 

 That is what America suppose to be.

Unfortunately, the thought path I and others have taken get cutoff off at the early stage of political thought.  If one is born Black or Latino, there’s no choice but to be a Democrat.  No further thinking is required.   And through peer pressure, shame, lies and deceit, people stay in a group of perpetual political infancy. 

Donald Trump is offering a chance of political maturity and freedom.  But, if people of color are going to fall for the same tired hustle Democrats throw at them, conditions won’t improve.