Friday, August 5, 2016

Media fails to widely report disturbing firebombing of bus in Paris by Muslims teens

A friend of mine told me about this, and I heard nothing about it. 
It’s only been reported by very few news sources.  I call it a media blackout by the corrupt media machine for agenda reasons.  They always go for the Muslins as victims template first.
GatewayPundit reports according to reports, a gang of Muslim migrants in Paris allegedly ambushed and burned down a passenger bus in the Saint-Denis district around 1 AM on the night of Thursday, the 28th of July 2016.
The masked men set up a road block, threatened the bus driver, smashed the windows and set it the bus on fire.

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UK Mirror reports horrifying video of a bus being set on fire and destroyed by a Paris street gang as it protested against ‘police racism’ has emerged.
The ugly scenes unfolded last week, when the 170 service was passing through the troubled northern suburb of St Denis.

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