Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Minnesota Gay Predators Off Themselves: Gay Teacher Aric Babbitt and his Husband In Murder-Suicide Under Child Sex Crime Investigation

This scenario happens a lot often than people think but is rarely reported by the corrupt media machine.
CBS News reports the South St. Paul school teacher and his husband found dead last week were both under investigation for sexually assaulting minors. 

The couple’s bodies were discovered in Washington state on Thursday, in what police describe as a murder-suicide. 

Aric Babbitt, 40, was a longtime teacher at Lincoln Center Elementary in South St. Paul. He lived with his husband, 36-year-old Matthew Deyo, in a house on 5th Avenue South.
Court papers show that earlier this month a 16-year-old former student and his parents went to South St. Paul police with a disturbing allegation.

The teen accused Babbitt of sexual assault and turned over some Polaroid pictures of himself naked with the teacher.

He said Babbitt became his mentor when he came out as gay to his family.
The teenager described how Babbitt and his husband took the teenager to a hotel and Babbitt’s cabin for sex, using marijuana and alcohol to get the teenager intoxicated.

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