Thursday, August 18, 2016

NY Times columnist Charles M. Blow doesn’t have any intellectual honesty to challenge Donald Trump’s Milwaukee speech on the merits

For the most part the corrupt media machine ignored the speech Donald Trump gave in Milwaukee in which he laid out point by point how Liberal policies have failed the Black community.  It was a brave move past GOP nominees haven’t had the courage to call out Democrats to their faces for their failures.

Then I noticed a NY Times columnist, Charles M. Blow, who is African American, wrote a piece entitled, Why Blacks Loath Trump.  Hmm, I thought, this could be interesting to read what Mr. Blow had to say.  I thought I was going to read a point by point criticism how Trump got this wrong, or was off base here and there.  

Unfortunately, I read none of that. 

Nr. Blow spent the whole article attacking Trump as a racist in one way or another.  He driveled on and on with a laundry list of Democrat talking points.  Not once referencing to anything Trump had said.  He didn’t give any kind of rebuttal other than the usual invective Liberals hurl at Republicans. 

This is the New York Times? 

This is the best they can offer up?    
Blow wrote:
“The speech was tone deaf, facile and nonsensical, much like the man who delivered it.”

You know what? 

I’m pretty sure Mr. Blow, who is nothing but a hack, didn’t see Trump’s speech or read it.  I’m pretty sure his article was already sitting in his desk drawer even before Trump gave his speech, waiting for his NY Times editors to tell him to send in his next contribution.  It has to be the only possible explanation for Mr. Blow’s ignorance and his culpability in prolonging the pain and suffering of the Black community.  It’s at the hands of Liberalism Blacks are given false promises, no hope and despair. 

Mr. Blow doesn’t mind if the suffering condenses because he got his, living nice in Brooklyn, getting a phat paycheck from the NY Times, and life is good for him.  All he has to do is write a lot of falsehoods, and point the same fifty year old fingers of racism towards Republicans and the hustle keeps keeping on. 

Mr. Blow I’m sure has made his peace with the Devil and probably sleeps well at night.  But, there’s a kid living in Brownsville, Brooklyn growing up in the same cycle of failure.  He doesn’t get to hear the truth, certainly not from Charles M. Blow.