Thursday, August 18, 2016

Obama’s Paddy Cake on ISIS: Trump slams Obama, Clinton for 'politically correct' war against ISIS, warns of more attacks

Trump is absolutely right.  Obama and The West are waging a pin-prick campaign against ISIS that isn’t slowing the terrorist nation one bit. 

Fox News reports Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has accused the Obama administration of waging a 'politically correct' war against ISIS and warned that more terror attacks will take place.

"We're not taking it to them," Trump told Fox News' Sean Hannity at a Wisconsin town hall. "And we have to take it to them."
Trump reiterated his call for "extreme" vetting of would-be immigrants to the United States, saying, "We are just allowing people into our country that some are going to be a problem. And we have enough problems in our country right now."
"We can be nice about it, say it's never going to happen again, there will be more [attacks]," Trump later added. "What we're doing by allowing tens of thousands of people in ... we don't know anything about, it's going to happen again because there's something wrong, and until we figure it out, we have to stop it."

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