Monday, August 29, 2016

Political expert shares how Trump can beat Clinton

I’m sure Trump has already read Morris’s book.  Trump reads everything.
AOL News reports Hillary Clinton may be leading Donald Trump in the national polls, but according to New York Times best selling author and political strategist Dick Morris, Trump still has a chance to take the White House.

Morris argues in "Armageddon: How Trump Can Beat Hillary" that because of a "liberal media biased in Hillary's favor, demographic trends favoring younger and ethnic voters – and some Republicans at war with their own nominee" that Trump employ a "different approach."

In "Armageddon" Morris argues that personal attacks alone on the Democratic nominee won't ensure victory for the GOP candidate, rather a "war plan" is needed, "one the Republican nominee must use to prevent her victory."

The former Fox News contributor claims to provide a "winning game plan to take back the White House, and America," which includes going after Clinton vulnerabilities with "China, Iran, Israel, Mexico and many others."

Morris says that few know Bill and Hillary Clinton better than he does. And after spending two decades as a special adviser the Clintons, Morris is ready to reveal their "strengths, their vulnerabilities, and even their deepest secrets."

In "Armageddon," Morris pitches a "manual on how to win this battle and defeat Hillary once and for all." The political strategist says to "Read "Armageddon," or risk losing the battle to save America!"

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