Monday, August 22, 2016

Prep school teacher at St. Andrew’s School in Florida had "secret sleepovers" with students, no evidence of sexual misconduct…yet: Report finds

I write about teachers having sex with students at least once a week. 
But, it’s surprising to see something like this at a prep school I’m sure cost a pretty penny to attend.  

CBS News reports a scathing report reveals administrators at a prep school in Palm Beach County failed to protect students from a teacher who had developed a pattern of having students over for secret sleepovers, private embraces and late-night excursions.

According to the Palm Beach Post, administrators at St. Andrew’s School looked the other way last year as one teacher seemed to have inappropriate relationships with four students despite repeated warnings. After conducting its own inadequate investigation, the school hired an outside firm to conduct an independent investigation, according to the report. 

The findings of the report by New Hampshire attorney David Wolowitz were released to parents on Friday.

The report is critical of the private Episcopal school in Boca Raton for failing on numerous occasions last year to investigate “significant evidence” of misconduct by the former teacher with three teenage students. The former teacher has not been charged with a crime and the school’s own investigation found no evidence of sexual misconduct, according to the Palm Beach Post. 

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