Sunday, August 7, 2016

Republican Establishment Cowardice: GOP rep is third this week to say he won't back Trump

These are types of weak-kneed and spineless GOPers who have been routinely steamrolled by Barack Obama and the Democrats. 
They have no guts for a fight and better off going home to their Mommy to kiss their Boo Boos.    

Fox News reports Rep. Scott Rigell, R-Va. said Saturday that he would support Libertarian Gary Johnson for president over GOP nominee Donald Trump

"I’ve always said I will not vote for Donald Trump and I will not vote for Hillary Clinton," Rigell told The New York Times. 

Rigell is the third Republican House member this week to say he would not vote for the real estate mogul, who has caused an uproar on the campaign trail with a series of controversial comments. 
On Tuesday, Rep. Richard Hanna, R-N.Y., wrote in an op-ed that he would vote for Clinton instead of Trump, whom Hanna called "offensive and narcissistic," as well as "a world-class panderer."
Both Hanna and Rigell are retiring from Congress following this election. 

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  1. "GOPers who have been routinely steamrolled by Barack Obama"
    In my not so humble opinion, I feel that you are tracking the wrong hog! Forgive some massive cynicism please but I have no doubt in saying that those people were never real conservatives to begin with. Apolitical, they saw greater opportunity to "get ahead" by joining a party (either one) and paying lip service to the presumed party goals. A switch is then easy when the wind starts blowing from a different direction. The switch is scaled from anti-party actions up to a total party allegiance realignment. Just listen to Trump, he changed from Dem a few years back and I have seen him already backing off of many of the bold, obnoxious statements which created so much favor with the disenchanted. Hilarity is such an easy target, he easily obfuscates his own lack of honesty.
    I see "Election 2016" as similar to the choice between hitting myself in the head with a hammer or actually using my new "10 Minute DO IT URSELF Home Circumcision Kit" that I just bought at Walmart when the latest shipment of sub-standard consumer goods arrived from China.

  2. Rigell was the "tea party" candidate for his (my) district, even though he never spoke at or attended a single rally. Which may explain why this area's tea party is extinct. He sold his car dealership when he was elected to his third term and planned his "retirement" after he was fully vested in the congressional retirement plan.
    What else do you expect from a used car salesman?


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