Sunday, August 28, 2016

The sustainable candidate: Rock Star Welcome for Donald Trump in Iowa: Hillary Clinton ‘Will Sell You Out’

While Crooked Hillary campaign is collapsing under the sunlight of government corruption and faulty health that has her bedridden on weekends, Donald Trump is hitting his stride as the only choice for president.  
Breitbart reports Donald Trump received a rockstar welcome from roughly two-thousand people when he took the stage as “I’m Proud to Be an American” played from the speakers at Sen. Joni Ernst’s second annual Roast and Ride in Des Moines, Iowa on Saturday.

“The GOP is offering voters a chance to break up the corrupt establishment and create a new American future,” the Republican nominee stated. “This chance will never come again.”

“Our campaign is about protecting those who have no power,” he added. “These are the people that work hard, but don’t have a voice.”

The outsider added that his campaign is about “restoring honesty and accountability in government.”
Trump, who spoke from a teleprompter, remained on message, attacking his rival Hillary Clinton’s “pay for play State Department.”

“She thinks she’s above the law,” he stated about Clinton. “The truth is, she lies.”
“She’s unfit to serve in the oval office,” he added.”The Clintons have had their time on the stage, but now it’s time to close that chapter in the history book and open a brand new beautiful chapter.”

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