Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Trolling for More Black Votes: Virginia Gov. ex Clinton bagman Defies Court, Gives Voting Rights to 13,000 Felons

Well, if this isn’t a blatant attempt to get more votes for Crooked Hillary than to have criminals vote for their patron saint of crime, I don’t know what is.   
Breitbart reports Virginia’s Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe says he has individually cleared 13,000 Virginia felons to vote in the 2016 election, just one month after the state’s Supreme Court struck down his earlier sweeping order that automatically restored many felons’ voting rights.

McAuliffe’s new process flies directly in the face of the Court’s ruling and creates confusion less than three months before voters choose the next president. Defiantly, McAuliffe plans to continue his individualized process to get hundreds of thousands of felons back onto voter rolls by November.

The state court prevented McAuliffe from unilaterally using the governor’s clemency authority to provide en-masse clearance for 206,000 Virginian felons so they can to vote, to serve on juries, run for office, and work as notaries. His order included murderers, rapists, sex offenders, kidnappers, child abusers, arsonists, drug traffickers, and other dangerous criminals.

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