Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Why is Trump so feared? Because he fucks up EVERYBODY’s shit especially political correctness!

It’s as simple as that and he’s exactly what America so desperately needs to get back on the right track. 

The opposition to Trump on both sides of the aisle confirms that America no longer has a two party system.  It’s only one party, the Democrats and their subdivision otherwise known as the Republican Party.  Both are controlled by entrenched elites who have vested interests in keeping the status quo exactly where it is.  They want to enrich themselves while they stay in Washington and collect a fat pension we all pay for when they finally leave. 

Each party has their own script of what they tell voters to get elected.  Republicans talk like conservatives and make promises to fight against Liberalism.  Democrats follow the “progressive” script and paint the GOP as more dangerous than ISIS.  However, when the Dems and the GOPers get to Washington only a scant amount of the promises are kept and the electorate is left frustrated and ignored until election time rolls around again. 

Trump not only upsets the apple cart, he blows it up precisely because he’s not “ideological”.  He’s a doer not a talker.  He wants to solve America’s problems of open borders, bad trade deals and Islamic terrors, without regard to political correctness which is THE YOKE created by the elites to maintain the status quo.  Breaking the stranglehold of political correctness is even more important than winning the White House.  Although Trump becoming president would be the first huge step in breaking the PC chains. 

This is why the attacks on Trump are so relentless and vicious.  The elites are in a battle for their live hoods.  However, it’s the voters who will have the final say in November.