Monday, September 5, 2016

Angela Merke suffers crushing defeat in regional elections in Germany as a result of immigration policies

Hillary Clinton wants to be the American version of Angela Merke and to keep the borders wide open for any to enter legal or not, terrorist, or not.    

Breitbart reports after the Alternative for Germany (AfD) populist party handed Angela Merkel’s CDU party a humiliating defeat in her home state Sunday, the victors are saying that the Chancellor brought this on herself with her woeful immigration policy.

The CDU fell to third place in the election, behind the ruling Socialist party followed by the up-and-coming AfD, which gained an impressive 21 percent relative to the 2011 elections.
“Angela Merkel defeats herself,” announced populist leader Frauke Petry on television Monday morning, commenting on the success of her AfD party in Mecklenburg that, in her view, constitutes a personal defeat for the Chancellor.

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