Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Assange: Hillary Clinton Is Lying About Not Knowing (C) Classified Marking, Emails Show She's Used It Before

Looks like there’s more proof of Crooked Hillary’s dishonesty that knows no bounds.
Real ClearPolitics reports in an interview with Fox News Channel's Sean Hannity Tuesday night, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange holds up an email sent by Hillary Clinton in which she used the bracketed (C) signal for classified material, proving that she is not telling the truth about not knowing what that means. Notes of her testimony to investigators released Friday shows that she told the FBI that she could not remember what the symbol meant. 

"She is lying," Assange said. "And it is disturbing that [FBI Director James] Comey goes along with that game."

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FBI director Comey went out of his way not to catch Crooked Hillary in a lie.  Leads me to think that he wither got paid off by the Clintons or they have dirt on him he didn’t want to be made public.  There’s no other possible explanation and as far as millions of Americans are concerned his reputation belong in a dirty toilet.