Sunday, September 4, 2016

Bolstered by polls, Team Trump Kellyanne Conway attacks Clinton, says Americans understand illegal immigration plan, Crooked Hillary candidacy unsustainable

You won’t get this from the corrupt media machine, but Hillary’s numbers are collapsing. 
She’s going to be forced to hit the campaign trail more often than she planned and that’s when her ill health will kick in.    
Fox News reports top Trump campaign officials on Sunday expressed optimism about recent poll numbers amid the fallout from Democratic rival Hillary Clinton’s FBI email investigation and sought to defend the Republican presidential nominee's immigration plan in advance of the White House race intensifying after Labor Day.

“The polling data that you showed earlier really tells the tale,” Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway told ABC’s “This Week.” “Hillary Clinton is having a hard time being accepted as a truthful and honest candidate vis-à-vis the American people.” 

Clinton’s poll numbers have dropped in recent weeks amid further revelations about her use of a private email server while secretary of state and connections between Clinton Foundation donors and the State Department during and after her tenure at the agency.

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