Sunday, September 4, 2016


Crooked Hillary is running for president by saying as little or nothing as possible. 
In the end it won’t work because the American voter demands to hear what a presidential candidate has to say.  The reason for all this is that Hillary is in poor health and her campaign is all about deception, pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes and letting the corrupt media machine campaign for her.    

The Week reports Hillary Clinton's campaign announced Thursday their candidate would begin flying on a larger plane with room for media to tag along starting on Labor Day. 

That's newsworthy because it has been nine months since Clinton held a press conference, and what interactions she does have with the media are notoriously well-controlled by her staff.

In New Hampshire last year, Clinton's aides actually used a rope to hold reporters away from her, an experience that is more the rule than the exception. In that vein, Politico has compiled a fascinating list of other times the campaign made covering Clinton "like a sensory deprivation experience" for print pool journalists. Here are a few of the most bizarre anecdotes:

Drowned Out By a Jet Engine, Aug. 31: Clinton’s plane landed in Cincinnati, from East Hampton, ahead of her speech to the American Legion. On the tarmac, Clinton was greeted by a group of county Democratic party chairs. But, "your pooler was not close enough to hear any conversations over the noise of the plane."

They Paved Paradise and Put up a Parking Lot, Aug. 30: Clinton hit up three big fundraisers in the Hamptons. ... Pool reporters were stationed about 400 yards away from the house, "among the parked cars."

Chocolates > Questions, Aug. 25: Clinton popped into Hub Coffee Roasters after a rally in Reno. There, she ignored questions about Donald Trump lobbed at her from the reporters in the coffee shop. Instead, she encouraged them to sample Dorinda’s Chocolates. "It's really good!" she said.

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  1. Hillary hasn't and won't campaign. She doesn't have to. It's all in the bag for her. The vote will be electronically rigged. Soros has already said as much. Soros owns the voting systems. look it up.

    Brexit was/is a psyop designed for this exact POTUS election. This psyop is designed as the ability to point back to the anomaly of the polls being so decidedly against Brexit yet an overwhelming win which was so unexplainable that it baffled almost everyone. This was its design. Teresa May has no intentions of going through with Brexit and the handlers of the NWO would never let it happen.

    When the electronic votes are tallied, Hillbot will be the victor just as Obummer was in both 2008 and 2012. When Mr Trump wins the popular vote by a landslide, it won't matter. They'll point to Brexit as to why the polls won't matter.

    Gore won the popular vote in 2000 yet Bush won the "counted" votes. Rigged election results. That is the only reason Trump is still alive. Sad but true...


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