Friday, September 2, 2016

Exercising his right to be an IDIOT: Kaepernick takes a knee during national anthem before giving thanks to the military - as two more NFL players join him in protest at country's 'inequality'

Colin Kaepernick has every right to show the world what an ignorant fool he is. 
Blood has been shed by many for him to make a fool of himself thinking he has a just cause in a country that has given him so much.  This moron doesn’t know what true oppression is.  He’s the product of a Liberal education system that has filled his head with nonsense and believe me he is not alone.  There are millions of Americans just as stupid as he is.
Daily Mail reports Colin Kaepernick has insisted he is not 'anti-American' after he refused to stand up for the national anthem yet again. 

The controversial quarterback knelt down as a black Navy sailor sang The Star Spangled Banner ahead of the San Francisco 49ers final pre-season game in San Diego on Thursday night.

Kaepernick's teammate, safety Eric Reid, also stayed down during the anthem while Seattle Seahawks cornerback, Jeremy Lane, chose to sit on the bench before his game in Oakland. 

After the game, the $19million-a-year Kaepernick insisted he 'loved America' and expressed his gratitude to the military. 

The quarterback cited numerous reasons for his actions, ranging from racial injustice and minority oppression to police brutality and the treatment of military veterans.   

Vowing to continue his stand, he said: 'The dream result would be equality, justice for everybody.'
His refusal to stand for the anthem first came to public notice last week when he remained seated on the 49ers' bench before a preseason match against Green Bay. 

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