Sunday, September 18, 2016

Explosion rocks Chelsea in New York City, Clueless Mayor says no evidence of Terrorism

There’s absolutely no reason to trust what comes out of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s mouth because he’s quite simply the worst mayor in New York City history.
NY Post reports a “deafening’’ explosion rocked Chelsea Saturday night, injuring 29 people, blowing out scores of windows and forcing the evacuation of at least two buildings.

The blast went off in a 4-by-4-by-3-foot construction Dumpster outside the Townhouse Inn of Chelsea at 131 W. 23d St., and was not believed to be an act of terror, officials said late Saturday.

It was so powerful, the Dumpster flew from the north side of the street and landed on the south sidewalk without hitting anyone or anything, police sources told The Post.
One of the injuries “may be considered serious,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio. That victim suffered a serious puncture wound.

The vast majority of those injured however suffered scrapes and abrasions from flying debris.
“Thankfully, none of these are life-threatening injuries,” said Dan Nigro, FDNY commissioner.
The cause of the explosion was still under investigation early Sunday.

“We do have video, and we do see the explosion,” NYPD commissioner James O’Neill told reporters. 

The blast happened on O’Neill’s first day taking over from Bill Bratton as commissioner.

O’Neill said sidewalk surveillance video from prior to the explosion was under careful review.
“We believe it was intentional,” the mayor told reporters of the blast.

NYPD officers, including members of the Counterterrorism Squad, were on the scene throughout the night, along with FBI agents and police helicopters with searchlights.

“It was a quiet night and then I heard this deafening boom,” said Chelsea resident Jakar Aussin, who works at a Dunkin’ Donuts at 23rd Street and Sixth Avenue.

“My first thought was, ‘Oh God, a bomb,’ so I got down on the floor.
“I looked outside and it’s all broken glass, car alarms going off.”

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