Friday, September 30, 2016

Liberal Lunatics on NYC City Council wants to provide Drug Addicts a safe place to shoot up at taxpayer expense

This is the kind of solutions Liberals come up with and they pat themselves on the back for being so smart and stupid. 
The reality is the idea is insane as well as making the city accomplices in committing drug crimes.    

NY Post reports Heroin addicts could be getting a clean, medically supervised facility to shoot up — all at the city’s expense.

The City Council has allocated $100,000 to the Health Department for a nine-month study of whether it makes sense to open “supervised injection facilities” where intravenous drug users could get high under medical supervision.

Officials said such facilities, which already exist in dozens of cities outside the US, help prevent drug overdoses, reduce HIV and viral hepatitis transmission and connect addicts with drug-treatment options.

“It’s been done and been implemented in other areas [of the world], so we just want to look up what the viability would be in New York,” said Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito.

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