Saturday, September 3, 2016

Muslim woman Nazma Khanam 60 killed in Queens may have been killed by somebody she knew, not a Hate Crime as reported: Speculation

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I normally don’t do this.  But, for the past few days this story has been reported as a possible hate crime because it deals with a woman wearing Muslim garb getting stabbed to death by a stranger walking with her husband.  But, the details of what happened sound extremely suspicious.

According to published reports Nazma Khanam was carrying a bag of groceries with her husband.  But, her husband who has asthma, wasn’t able to keep up with his wife’s pace and she was walking ahead of him for half a block or more. 

Let’s stop right here!

What kind of a wife would walk ahead so far of her husband who is sick with asthma?  He could have died from that condition right on the street, and she kept on walking?  I don’t think a loving wife would do that.  So I don’t believe this detail of the story.  It doesn’t pass the smell test. 

Allegedly somebody comes out of nowhere and stabs   Nazma Khanam.  She lets out a “blood curdling scream”.  So now her asthma-stricken husband allegedly sprinted to where she was and finds her stabbed with a knife.  Upon which she says, “Somebody killed me!” 

Who would say that after being stabbed? 

I find that very unbelievable for somebody to say such a thing in that circumstance.  I would think somebody would more likely say, “Oh my God, somebody stabbed me!”  or “Oh My God, HELP HELP”  Sorry, I don’t believe she said that.

In radio reports I heard over and over that neighbors say they believe it was a hate crime and some blamed Donald Trump. 

I think the reason why this woman got killed has nothing to do with a hate crime and has everything to do with somebody who knew her and wanted her dead for some reason.  However, the corrupt media and the people in that neighborhood are deflecting blame where it rightly belongs.   You be the judge!