Wednesday, September 7, 2016

‘Never Trump’ Republicans aka useful idiots for Crooked Hillary weigh how or whether to vote on Election Day

Republican Sen. Mark Kir, NeverTrumper and certified coward

These people who think they know more than anybody else are the reason why the Trump phenomenon came to be. 
They’re a bunch of cowardly punks who are so used to getting rolled by Democrats, they don’t know what it’s like to stand tall and be strong like an Alpha male like Donald Trump.  They’re soft useless members of the GOP that will be in for a very rough time for the rest of their natural lives IF Donald Trump loses this election. 

Washington Times reports they were defeated in the primaries, failed to stop Donald Trump at the convention, and now the “never Trump” forces within the GOP are having to come to grips with what they’ll actually do when they enter the polling booth in November.

Few say they’ll pull the lever for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, but neither Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson nor Evan McMullin, an independent conservative offering himself as the unofficial GOP choice, are earning groundswell support.

Some of the anti-Trump forces say they’re so frustrated, they’ll stay home on Election Day — unless it looks like doing so would help Mr. Trump, in which case they’ll turn out to give Mrs. Clinton a boost over him.

“I will maintain my high moral principles about not voting for [her], unless it looks like Trump might carry Florida, in which case I’ll throw my principles over the side and try to prevent that,” said Mac Stipanovich, a Republican lawyer based in Florida.

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