Sunday, September 18, 2016

The liberal establishment’s Clinton obsession is blowing up in its face

I’ve been writing for weeks that Hillary Clinton’s health was going to be a huge factor in this presidential race. 
And lo and behold this issue blows up while I’m on a Caribbean cruise.  Told ya’ so!  NY Post columnist John Podhoretz has written this excellent piece describing how Hillary Clinton’s candidacy was always unsustainable from the start.    

JohnPodhoretz, NY Post 

Hey, Democrats, where were you? Hey liberals, where were you? The potential train wreck that is the Hillary Clinton candidacy didn’t just become evident last week when ill-chosen words about 25 million “deplorables” and a public near-collapse tanked her polls to make this a tied presidential race.

No, Democrats and liberals, the possibility of Hillary crashing and burning was there from the outset of her candidacy. And yet you stood there and let it happen.

You Democrats and liberals who did not “feel the Bern” but desperately wanted a Democratic president to succeed Barack Obama — you did nothing to prevent the potential cataclysm that is upon you now. Instead, you’ve spent more than a year chortling at Republican failings, expressing disgust at the rise of Donald Trump and convincing yourselves that your ideological tendency is on the cusp of multigenerational rule in the United States.

And in the process, you failed to do your due diligence on your own candidate — which means you failed as a party, you failed as a movement and you failed as citizens.

The first signs of trouble came in June 2014. That’s when the rollout of her book “Hard Choices” was marred by Hillary’s declaration that she and Bill had been “dead broke” upon leaving office in 2001. Hillary was then viewed favorably by 54 percent of Americans — down from a high of 63 percent but still amazingly good for one of the most divisive figures in recent political history.

In March 2015, The New York Times revealed Hillary had created an unsecure communications system at the outset of her tenure as secretary of state to shield her e-mails from future discovery — which was followed by a disastrous, defensive, angry and entirely deceptive press conference she held to deal with the matter at the United Nations.

Two months later came the revelations of the conflicts of interest between her family’s foundation and her role as secretary of state in the book “Clinton Cash.”

Taken together, these three should have set off warning sirens within the Democratic Party that the frontrunner was damaged goods — a tone-deaf spokesperson with serious ethical and moral issues that might blow up in her and her party’s faces.

But no. You convinced yourselves that anyone who expressed deep reservations about Hillary Clinton’s honesty and who raised questions about her tone-deafness as a candidate was just a Republican shill or an ideological nutball and should be ignored.

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