Thursday, September 1, 2016

Undercover GOP Estab shill, Erick Erickson, declares Tea Party is dead, good riddance

Make no mistake Erick Erickson is not what he professes to be. 
He may have a lot of people fooled that he is the ultimate voice of conservative thought.  But, upon further examination into who props him up financially you will find Super PACs with ties back to the GOP establishment he pretends to rail against. 

When Ronald Reagan took the oath of office as president 1980, Erickson was playing on monkey bars at the age of five.  I was graduating high school and saw the Reagan presidency first hand.  So I don’t need a self-appointed contrastive guru phony to tell me what is and isn’t conservatism. 

“On February 19, 2009, CNBC editor Rick Santelli, stood on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and went on a tirade against the Homeowners Affordability and Stability Plan, which bailed out individuals who had (mostly) knowingly entered terrible mortgages and could not pay them off. Santelli was so outraged he predicted a “Chicago Tea Party” would rise up.

His statement went viral within conservative media. Played over and over on talk radio and reposted on conservative websites, activists who already felt alienated by a Republican Party that had drifted toward corporatism and away from conservatism decided to mobilize. Local talk radio hosts around the country organized tea party protests on tax day. “Taxed Enough Already” signs sprouted up across conservative areas.”

Erickson later writes:

“After Trump’s loss in November, the angry-paranoid remnant of the tea party movement will not go away. It will still fester and troll. But those who developed the discernment to realize our ways are not the left’s ways and we do not have to proceed as they proceed will be the ones to help pick up the pieces. The others will, for the most part, be ignored.”

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So the Tea Party is dead according to the Yoda of Conservatism, Erick Erickson.  I would whole heartedly disagree.  The spirit of the Tea Party is still very much alive.  That same spirit, which is nothing more than the American character, preexisted before Rick Santelli said the words “Tea Party”.  The only thing that has changed is the media thinks it has destroyed the Tea Party.  But it hasn’t, the people still remain.  It matters not what the people are called.  We’re still here, despite the ramblings of Erick Erickson!