Friday, October 21, 2016

Add Charles Krauthammer to list of Useful Idiots for Hillary for failing to support Trump

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I wouldn't quite call Charles Krauthammer a hardcore NeverTrumper. But, he's most definitely a NeverTrumper-Lite. 
I like Charles and I give him more props than most other conservative pundits.  However, what plagues Krauthammer is the same malady that consumes most of the so-called Conservative intelligentsia.  He's a creature of the Washington scene.

When one is part of that group, they want to stay part of it.  And although Krauthammer may hold himself out as a conservative, what value does he bring to the table if he's unwilling to stick his neck out and support Trump?

It's not a case of arguing for Trump's conservatism or lack thereof.  But rather fighting ageist a Hillary Clinton presidency and the damage she would bring to the country. 

Any unwillingness to engage in that fight makes one selfish and a coward. 

I don't care what intellectual arguments they may throw up against the wall.  Standing up as a beacon of conservative principles like other NeverTrumpers have done is like a chorus of Neros fiddling while Rome burns.

Krauthammer is just being stupid and he'll own everything Hillary does.  And no amount of intellectual gymnastics he might perform at his next Washington cocktail party will take away from that fact.