Friday, October 14, 2016

Anti Semitism at UN: The Temple Mount and Western Wall - Judaism's holiest site - are reclassified as exclusively Muslim by the UN in major victory to Palestinian cause

If there are two things the U.N. has become infamous for is their hatred for Israel and the United States.  This only adds to their sullied reputation.
Daily Mail reports the Israeli government reacted angrily on Thursday to a United Nations body's resolutions that failed to mention any link between Judaism and its holy sites in Jerusalem.

The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) renewed the resolutions that criticized Israel for what it says are its policies that restrict Muslim access to a site considered holy by both Jews and Muslims in Jerusalem's Old City.

The site is revered by Jews and Muslims alike, known to Jews as Temple Mount and to Muslims as the al-Aqsa compound or Haram al-Sharif (which is the Arabic translation for 'Noble Sanctuary').
But a draft of the latest version of the resolution, posted on UNESCO's website and dated Oct 12, showed the site repeatedly described only by its Muslim names - something Israel says amounts to a denial of its Jewish history.

'The theatre of the absurd at UNESCO continues and today the organization adopted another delusional decision which says that the people of Israel have no connection to the Temple Mount and the Western Wall,' Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in Jerusalem.

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