Monday, October 24, 2016

Black on White Violence: 'These sick animals held her down and kicked and stomped on her': Father's anger after flash mob of 200 Black teens beat his daughter near Temple University

The corrupt media machine notoriously doesn't report the racial aspect of these attacks that happen all across the United States. 
Black on White crime is as common as the common cold but the media underreports it or doesn't cover it at all.  Whenever they say "flash mob"  that media code for Black youth.     

Daily Mail reports four teenagers have been arrested after a series of flash mob style attacks around Temple University campus in which students were beaten by gangs of juveniles.
Police said that in a spate of attacks on Friday night, students were surrounded, then punched, kicked, robbed and in some cases knocked to the ground by groups of teens.

Groups of between 20 and 100 young people roved the university campus in northern Philadelphia for nearly two hours from 8pm and picked on people at random.
Six students were injured and a university police officer who was knocked to the ground. A police horse was punched in the face by a 15-year-old boy.
In a separate incident a young woman was held down and stomped repeatedly before employees from a nearby pizza place intervened, her father said.
Another junior posted pictures of her black eye. She says the attackers punched her in the face as she walked back to her apartment with her boyfriend.
Temple spokesman Ray Betzner told television station NBC 10 that the mobs of teenagers played a 'cat-and-mouse game' with police.

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