Saturday, October 22, 2016

Clinton Foundation Paid Women LESS Than Men, Hypocrisy anyone?

How can this possibly be the case when Hillary always advocates equal pay for women? 
Oh, that's right, Hillary has two positions on issues, one public and one private.
Polizette reports the Clinton Foundation in 2011 employed more women than men but paid them less, on average, according to a salary schedule included in an email released Friday by WikiLeaks.

A foundation employee emailed the payroll schedule to board Chairman Bruce Lindsey and John Podesta, who currently chairs Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. It included then-Chief Operating Office and Chief of Staff Laura Graham’s salary recommendations for 2012 for rank-and-file employees.

Overall, the average salary for women and men was close. But men out-earned women. Men earned $68,164 compared to $64,118 for women, on average. The median salary also was higher for men, $55,200 compared with $50,000.

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