Thursday, October 13, 2016

Hillary Brings More of This: National Park Service Releases Study as Part of Effort for ‘More Inclusive’ LGBTQ Designated Sites on ‘Coming Out Day

If you look at my sidebar I have a post saying it’s a disgrace that our government made The Stone Wall Inn, the birth place of the Gays rights movement, a national monument. 
This is the type of thing that God will punish us for.  And I’m not joking!   
CNS News reports the Interior Department and the National Park Service held a conference call on Tuesday – “Coming Out Day” – to announce a renewed effort to “tell a more inclusive story of our nation’s history” by giving places around the country connected to the homosexual movement certain historic designations.

“I’m pleased to be joined by [National Park Service] Director [Jonathan] Jarvis to discuss the efforts of the National Park Service to tell a more inclusive story of our nation’s history,” Interior Secretary Sally Jewell said on the conference call with reporters. “It’s fitting that we do this today, on National Coming Out Day and during National LGBT History Month.”

“As we identify and document the contributions of communities like the LGBTQ, we also work with the public through the National Park System Advisory Board to broaden the inclusion of these populations in both the national register of historic places and the national historic landmarks program,” Jarvis said.

Jarvis said the federal government commissioned a study on the LGBTQ community, as well as on Asian and Pacific Islanders and the Latino communities.

A fact sheet on the LGBTQ study stated that the NPS is “America’s storyteller.”

“NPS explores the stories related to the legacies of all Americans, ranging from the Paleo-Indians who first settled North America 12,000 years ago leading up to the nation’s present tapestry of complex cultures,” the fact sheet stated.

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The Gay rights movement is not that at all.  It’s a vehicle to incrementally destroy religious faith.  Wake up, folks!