Thursday, October 20, 2016

How Soon the Punditry Class Forget Al Gore in 2000 Election and Hanging Chads

In the 2000 election for president, Democrat nominee Al Gore got more popular votes for president than GOP nominee George W. Bush. 
However, Bush received more   electoral college votes than Gore and in our system of electing a president it gave Bush the presidency.  Gore initially conceded the election to Bush.  But, all of a sudden after somebody in his camp whispered in his ear that he needed to take another look at the results, Gore reversed himself and filed a challenge with the courts to do a recount of the votes in Florida.  It took more than a month and Gore lost his challenge in the Supreme Court who ordered a stop of the recount of Florida votes. 

There wasn't violent in the streets.  Our Democracy did not fall apart.  But, it did happen!! 

Nonetheless this history seemed to escape the pundits, both Liberal and Conservatives who feigned outrage at Donald Trump for refusing to say he would concede the presidential election if the votes went against him.  Why should he not be given the same benefit of the doubt they gave the Democrat?  This is why I hold pundits with very little regard because they're a bunch of blowhards more concurred about echoing each other than informing the American people with complete and accurate information.

Trump had a very good night. 

Pundits embarrassed themselves to no end.