Saturday, October 15, 2016

Jessica Leads: Do you really think Donald Trump would mess with a woman who looks like this? Come on!

Let’s be real here. 
Aside from the fact that Jessica Leads allegations against Trump was full of holes from the start, she’s was never in his class to be given a second look.  Trump has been surrounded by beautiful women all his life.  The man has standards and Jessica, even in her younger days, wouldn’t make his throw away list.    

Why would she make such a false claim?

I suggest Jessica should be followed very closely and see if any changes in her life comes her way.  George Soros has a history of buying houses, or cars for people who all of a sudden get 15 minutes of fame.     


  1. Hey Samuel;

    Funny that Jessica Leeds is a spokesman for Hillary for President and has been a friend for a long time....funny that all these bimbo eruptions happen a month before the election.

  2. I wouldn't these Bimbo eruptions at all. These are orchestrated false charges by the Democrats. No way did these women came forward on their own. it's organized and pretty easy to debunk one by one.

  3. trump looks like he would fuck a dry snake


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