Saturday, October 15, 2016

John Kasich's dire warning for the Republican Party: EVOLVE Into DEMOCRATS OR DIE

John Kasich, blithering idiot

That’s basically what this chump of a man is trying to say and which is why the base of GOP has no use for him or Paul Ryan.  Cowards! 

John Kasich as reported by Business Insider

I mean, I don't have any more words," Kasich said of Trump. "I've tried to do the best I can to lead by my actions in an appropriate way without recrimination or anything like that, because I'm a very happy person. I don't think I need to say any more than what I've demonstrated." 

Last month, Kasich joined President Barack Obama at the White House, alongside other leaders, to advocate for the passing of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, or TPP, the landmark trade agreement that's being torched along the campaign trail. Neither major-party candidate is publicly supporting the agreement, with Trump going as far as saying it would continue "the rape of our country."

But that did not push Kasich to distance himself from the deal, which he believes is necessary economically and geopolitically. Since that press conference, he has continued to push for its passing as the most prominent elected Republican official to stand firmly behind the agreement.
In an interview with Business Insider this week, Kasich discussed TPP and the recent Wells Fargo scandal, and he gave a dire warning to the Republican Party.

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This is how much of an idiot John Kasich is.  He’s for TPP a trade deal that the details of such are kept secret from the American people.  And John thinks it’s okay not to have full disclosure?  Ohio can have him and leave the rest of the coutry far from him.