Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Leaked Emails Expose Collusion Media and Clinton Campaign: NYT Gave Hillary Veto Power On Quotes!

One of the biggest reasons this blog exists is to expose the misdeeds of the corrupt media machine. 
We no longer gave a free press in the United States.  Liberal activists masquerade as journalists throughout the meida and do the bidding for the Liberal agenda.  The New York Times is ground zero for the misinformation they peddle to the public to trick them they’re uncovering truth.  They are not!  They work hand in hand with the Democrat Party to push their agenda onto society.  

PoliZette reports WikiLeaks emails show reporter agreed to let Clinton campaign cut quotes before story ran.  Hillary Clinton spent time in summer 2015 with The New York Times reporter Mark Leibovich and made a crack about 2008 Republican presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

But the remark didn’t make it into the long profile. Leibovich agreed to give the Clinton campaign veto power over the statements she made.

The revelation comes in Part III of a massive email release from WikiLeaks.
Leibovich evidently gave the campaign the ability to ax quotes as part of a deal for access.
Danielle Rhoades Ha, vice president of communications for the Times, defended the arrangement. “We were transparent with our readers and disclosed the arrangement in the story,” she wrote in an email.

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Bullshit!  The New York Times actually does more than that.  Democrats tell them what to write and the NY Times dutifully and unethically takes dictation.  When the stores are printed the rest of the corrupt media has their marching orders as to what is the Liberal meme for the day.