Monday, October 10, 2016

Lily-livered Paul Ryan on conference call to fellow spineless GOPers, ‘I’m not defending Donald Trump, look out for your own races’

Paul Ryan is emblematic of what’s wrong with the Republican Party. 
They are a collection of feckless cowards who are afraid of their own shadows.  It’s because of the Paul Ryans, the Mitch McConnells, and other marshmallows that set the stage for the emergence of Donald Trump in the first place.  The words “toughness”, “strength” “tenacity” are not associated with Paul Ryan.  But, those words describe Donald Trump to a tee and that’s why is bailing out like a chump! 

KIVITV reports Speaker of the House Paul Ryan in a conference call with House Republicans this morning told them he would not defend presidential candidate Donald Trump.

The call comes on the heels of the release of a video in which Trump was heard making lewd remarks about women. Some Republican leaders have retracted endorsements of Trump.

CNN reports someone also on the conference said the Speaker told GOP lawmakers to "do what's best for you," focusing energy

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The Democrats unify no matter the circumstances.  But the Republican Party heads for the exits at the slightest but of pressure and GOP voters are sick of it.