Sunday, October 23, 2016

NeverTrumper-GOP Saboteur Karl Rove 'I don't see it happening': Republican strategist says Trump is BOUND to lose the election

Karl Rove, who is charter member of the GOP establishment , never liked Trump especially since his PAC spent 150 million dollars on lightweight Jeb Bush. 
Rove hasn't had a kind word to say about Trump ever since.   But, I think he and many others are in for a big surprise when Trump pulls out a win on November 8th.   
Daily Mail reports a Republican political consultant does not see a viable path to victory for Donald Trump, pointing to crucial battle states where he is trailing behind in poll numbers. 
Karl Rove appeared on Fox News Sunday, pointing out that while Trump can comfortably win 186 electoral votes, the odds are stacked against him to pick up enough swing states to make it to the necessary 270 to win.
Rove, who famously refused to acknowledge that President Obama beat Republican nominee Mitt Romney in Ohio during the 2012 elections, appears to have given up early this time around.
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That's because Karl Rove is a loser!