Saturday, October 15, 2016

Police group calls on Americans to boycott Ben and Jerry’s after the ice cream makers endorsed ‘Black Lives Matter’

I never walked into a Ben and Jerry’s in my life. 
But, I heard they were wacky Liberals.  Well, I can’t boycott what I don’t frequent.  But, I can tell others don’t buy your ice-cream from that place if you support the police.  

The Blaze reports Blue Lives Matter, an organization that honors law enforcement nationwide, is calling on all Americans to boycott Ben and Jerry’s after the ice cream makers endorsed Black Lives Matter.

Last week, the ice cream company posted an essay from the company’s founders on their Facebook page noting the company’s support for Black Lives Matter, a controversial group that says they’re fighting against systemic racism and injustice.

Ben and Jerry’s endorsement drew outrage from every corner of the internet. Still, the company stuck to their guns saying, “Choosing to be silent in the face of such injustice is not an option.”

“Systemic and institutionalized racism are the defining civil rights and social justice issues of our time,” the company wrote. “We’ve come to understand that to be silent about the violence and threats to the lives and well-being of black people is to be complicit in that violence and those threats.”

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  1. Never had Bend Over and Fairy's ice cream and never will. I decided that after they jumped on the gay marriage bandwagon.................


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