Saturday, October 15, 2016

Reason for false Trump accusers: Hacked emails raise possibility of Clinton Foundation ethics breach after it accepted $1million donation from Qatar for Bill's birthday

This is the kind of information the Clintons and their buddies in the media are hiding from the American people. 
This is the reason false accustoms are coming out in droves to divert the public attention away from the crimes Hillary Clinton has committed.  And it’s not just accepting donations for pay to play from Qatar.  The Clintons collected millions in money from many rich individuals and foreign governments.   

Dail Mail reports hacked emails published by Wikileaks this week that appear to show Qatar pledging to donate $1 million may have breached ethics guidelines set by the Clinton foundation.

The guidelines were designed to curb foreign governments from influencing American foreign policy by making large donations.

Hillary Clinton had specifically promised to curb new donations by foreign governments while she was U.S. secretary of state from 2009 to 2013.
In an email from 2012, a senior official from the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation informed colleagues that a planned donation by Qatar's government to mark Bill Clinton's birthday came up in a meeting he had with the Gulf state's ambassador in Washington.

The ambassador said that he asked 'to see WJC 'for five minutes' in NYC, to present $1 million check that Qatar promised for WJC's birthday in 2011,' Amitabh Desai, the foundation official, writes in his email, using the former U.S. president's initials.

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The Clintons are corrupt with every fiber in their being!