Saturday, October 8, 2016

Revenge of the Bush’s: Blame the GOP establishment for Donald Trump leaked tapes, it only shows Trump is a real man

Question: Who is the real man between Donald Trump and Billy Bush? 
Who is the tough breed, the one who doesn’t believe in political correctness, and who is the one comfortable getting his toes and eyebrows manicured like a woman? 

It’s October, the home stretch until the elections and it’s the time the most outlandish things happen in a political campaign for president.  The latest incident involves Donald Trump caught on an 11 year old tape saying stuff some might consider insulting to women. 

But, if you get into the merits of what Trump said, you’re falling into the trap set up by politicians to distract you from making a decision for Trump and keeping their power. 

I think a better question is who benefits by this leaked tape?  In my assessment of being an observer of politics for over 37 years it’s not just Hillary Clinton but also the GOP establishment.  Billy Bush, formerly of Access Hollywood, now working for the Today Show on NBC tells me all I need to know.  Billy Bush and George W. Bush are cousins.  It’s well reported that the Bush family, except for George P. Bush, Jeb’s son, are heavily anti-Trump.  I have no proof of course, but what does that mean today? 

However, to put the blame solely on Billy Bush would also miss the forest for the trees.  The entire entrenched GOP establishment’s fingerprints are on every dirty trick that has come or will come on Donald Trump. 

Don’t be fooled!        

As far as what Trump said in the secretly taken tape, it’s just locker-room talk.  Real men, the kind we used to have in this country and are sorely lacking in the GOP establishment, talk this way.  Donald Trump is a man’s man.  That’s exactly the kind of leader this country needs.  Do we need pussified wimps like Paul Ryan and Erick Erickson?  No, we don’t!  We need tough breeds with a record of accomplishment to clean up the mess Democrats and Republicans have made of this country!